Internet Resources

Caroline Bowen Articulation and Phonology Resources

An excellent source for pictures, minimal pair word lists, parent/teacher presentations and more!

Enchanted Learning

Printable books with sight words that can be practiced in therapy, then sent home for additional articulation, syntax/morphology and sight-word practice.
Circle words with specific beginning sounds. Also good to use in therapy or at home.

Literacy Speaks

Many great resources sorted by sound, ideas for games for articulation practice and excellent quality products for purchase.

Little Book Lane

Many printable books with sight words that can be practiced in therapy, then sent home for additional articulation and sight-word practice.

Mrs. Meacham's Classroom S+napshots

More printable books containing sight words to practice in therapy and send home for carryover practice.


New current events news articles are uploaded daily. Each article is available in 5 different reading levels (by grade level and Lexile level). Increase or decrease the reading level with a click of your mouse. NewsELA is also available as an app, which allows you to change reading level by swiping up or down on the page with 2 fingers. Articles are connected to Common Core State Standards anchor standards for reading. Quiz questions and reading prompts are provided for each level. This is a fantastic resource for addressing vocabulary, syntax and reading comprehension in expository texts. Sign up for a free account to access resources.

Picking Who is IT

Rhymes that children can learn to pick "who is it" at recess. Circle the student's target sound(s) and practice saying aloud.

Sight Word Flash Cards

Sight word cards can be incorporated into many syntax and articulation activities to provide extra sight word reading practice. Print out cards on card stock paper (I used a different color for each grade level) and laminate. Use cards along with your articulation cards to move production of target sounds from single words into connected speech. Choose cards to form a statement (e.g., "The boy is happy.") and have the student reorder the words to form a question. The cards can also be incorporated into other morphology and syntax activities.

SLPath Website

Resources for articulation and language. The home practice pages (available for purchase) work well for carryover of articulation targets. There are many free phonological assessment resources that can be used for skill-based assessment and progress monitoring. High frequency lists, available for free when you register, which are excellent for home articulation practice.


Free curriculum-based lessons for middle school and high school students that can be downloaded to a flash drive. These activities can be used to address many language and articulation goals.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Free worksheets for many subject areas.
Reading Comprehension worksheets are listed by grade level.
Math word problem worksheets can be used to address basic concepts, following directions and inferencing.
Phonics Word Wheel activities can be used to address rhyming and production of final consonant targets.
Mini-Books for Early Readers can be used for articulation practice.
Cause Effect worksheets can be used for building compound sentences using "because, so, if," etc.
Puzzles & Brain Teasers can be used for comprehension and inferencing skills.
Many other worksheets that can be used for take-home activities.

Tools for Educators

This website has several tools for making worksheets. The Dice Maker is a great tool for creating fun home practice pages for preschoolers and elementary age students. You can create your own dice or you can use the templates available on the website. Create dice for vocabulary targets to go with your book activities, articulation targets, grammar goals or whatever else you need! The maze and dominoe makers are also great tools - different than the typical crossword puzzle and word search, right? And the best part...there is an excellent selection of pictures to put on all of these printables so that they can be used with non-readers!
Wacky Web Tales
Have your student fill in the blanks with words that contain his/her target sound(s), then print off the story for him/her to read aloud to friends and family for practice outside of the therapy room.

Activity Resources by Sound

/l/ Resources

Printable pages for words containing /old/

/r/ Resources

Printable pages for /r/ controlled vowels