Admongo helps students to view advertising critically and to think about who is writing the ad, what the ad is really saying and what the advertiser wants the student to do. The online game is played like a traditional videogame. There are also printable resources. This site works well with older elementary - high school students with social thinking difficulties.

FE Kids

Ball Hogs - Match synonyms to words. Five levels, grades 2 - 6
Planet Zug - Match synonyms to words. Five levels, grades 2 - 6.
Races to Ramses - Build compound words. 2 levels, grades 2 - 3 and grades 4 - 6.
Whomp - Build words from letter tiles. Five levels, grades 2 - 6.
Word Jungle - Match definition to word. Five levels, grades 2 - 6.

Game Goo

Interactive games to develop early reading and language skills.

PBS Kids

Between the Lions - Phonemic Awareness videos and games
Martha Speaks - Vocabulary games and videos.
Super Why - Early reading skill games.
Word Girl - Vocabulary videos and games -

Professor Garfield

Easy Readers - printable books
Garfield's Island - Interactive games to teach phonics (sound and letter skills).
Orson's Farm - Interactive games to teach phonemic awareness (sound awareness skills).
Reading Ring - Sequence 3 comic strip pannels and answer comprehension questions.